(100 per box) Half Pound (1/2lb) Metalized

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10"x12.5"x3.5"  Thickness: 3.5mil  100 pouches per box

Keep Products Fresh 10x Longer: Compared to other bags sold at the retail store.

Puncture Resistant Material: Reduces punctures when handled with care. Keep inert air in pouch for best results.

High-Barrier: Reduces Oxidation and Prevents Need for Two-Way Humidity Packs or Oxygen Absorbing Packs. Terpene Fresh uses non-toxic barriers that keep permeability lower than competitor brands.

Stand-Up Pouch: Reduce Labor by loading pouch 3x faster when compared to a flat bag. No cutting of rolls!

Air-Tight Zipper: Reduce Spills and Reuse after breaking the heat seal